31 May 2024 | Lively v2.1.0.6 - Update

Better Everything

This update has been cooking for months.. lots of features and fixes🥳

This update also addresses issues identified in v2.1.0.6 based on bug reports.

New "Music Tunnel" Wallpaper

Mesmerizing infinite music tunnel powered by shaders and Lively API with upto 7 customisation options.

See it in action

Better Screensavers

You can now select different screensavers independently of the running wallpaper.

Each screensaver can have a custom layout, such as span or duplicate, separate from the wallpaper settings.

Screensavers can now run without needing the Lively app to be open. You can use Lively exclusively as a screensaver app!
This feature is available only in the installer version of Lively.

Optimized and reduced Screensaver Plugin size from 30MB to just under 8kb 🪄

Requires new Screensaver Plugin

Better Control Panel

Introducing the new display selector interface that resembles Windows settings. This feature visually shows the positions, sizes and other details of connected displays.

Creating this custom control from scratch was quite a task, as there is no stock way to achieve this 😅

Better Performance - 100,000+ Controls!

The wallpaper customization menu code has been completely rewritten for better performance and easier maintenance.

Thanks to virtualization and templating techniques, the new system has been tested to handle over 100,000 controls effortlessly.

Better Update Experience

The app updater (installer) has been better integrated into the main interface, featuring simple and non-distracting notifications.

The latest update information can now be viewed directly from within the app.

Better Wallpaper Scaling

For better flexibility and user control wallpaper scaler settings are now applied for individual media file and wallpaper layout like span and duplicate.

This feature is only available when Mpv video player is selected.
Previous media customization settings will be cleared to enable this feature.

Better FolderDropdown Control

Redesigned FolderDropdown control with file preview and deletion support.

Preview is supported for most popular formats as it is generated from system shell.

Patreon Supporters <3

Just a little something to show appreciation.


Windows 24H2 Support

64-bit Architecture